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Who doesn't like a good story with spies, action,and all the elements of suspense?

Here's the beginning of one of those stories. But it needs some "color" to make it come to life. Can you use your expert knowledge of verbs and prepositions to make it better?

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Remember to follow our 3 steps:

- Read

- Take a look at the words you don't understand. Can they be deduced from context?

- More importantly, ask yourselves: what would I like to be able to use? Find 3 things (phrases, expressions, verbs)  that look useful.


Until we can start working with our online course (sometime around this week, hopefully), I'll leave this for you here.

How would you say in English...

- Esa solución parece buena a corto plazo, pero a largo plazo te dará problemas.
- Tenemos que aprender un montón de inglés. Si no, ¿para qué estamos aquí?
- El escocés del video se ha pasado con el acento y el maquillaje, y esas cosas no me gustan.


And now, something a bit more challenging:

- Echaron a una persona con experiencia, y contrataron a alguien recién salido de la universidad. (Clue: you put the clothes IN the washing machine, and then you take them OUT OF the washing machine)
- Pasé una semana en un barco, a 20 km de la costa. Fue una buena experiencia. Lo volvería a hacer. (Clue: You put your hat ON, then you take it OFF)